Hello, dear Sister Queen!

I hope you are still feeling the fullness of sister love and support!
If post-retreat back-to-the-external-world blues have found their way in… please know that you are not alone and this is all part of the process. Take a pause, breathe in, and allow yourself to soften and integrate. Magic takes time to simmer!

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer feedback.
It means so much to me.

I want these weekends to feel nourishing and valuable,
and your feedback truly helps ensure that!

Whether or not you would be a YES in the future,
this feedback supports the good of all women who would be a YES!
So, you are giving back and spreading the love!


Schedule & Experiences
check all that apply
How did/do you feel about our retreat house and land?
Do you know that you are loved and supported beyond all measure... and that all you need to do is ask a sister for reminders if you forget?


If you would like to share (or update) a quick love note about me, how you see me or what I do, your gratitude, your experience, the retreat, or even bragging on your own shifts… I would love to be able to share real life thoughts from real life sisters for potential “women of the interwebs” to be able to get a feel for me, what I do, and/or what we experience in our circles and retreats.

It can be just a few words, or elaborate as much as you choose! Please don’t overthink it and then allow that to prevent you from sharing. It doesn’t have to be anything in particular… Just love, if you choose. Even one sentence is valuable. It can be spoken “to me” or “about me” or “about you”. Howevah you like! THANK YOU! Super big hugs and a sister kiss!

Enter your name how you would choose it to be displayed. This can be full name, partial name partial initials, just initials... anything! Jessica Ricchetti, J. Ricchetti, Jessica, Jessica R., JR.