The wisdom is within you.

The alchemy is within you.

The medicine is within you.

I am simply here to help you remember, reconnect with, reclaim, and embody your own medicine... your own magic.


We are in a constant state of alchemy... transformation, creation, transmuting shadow into light, learning, re-adjusting. Within this sacred space you are seen, heard, and supported on this journey. I am here to dive in to the depths with you, and offer you a mirror of reflection while you deepen in to the healing power of your truth. This process isn't about love & light in a pretty package. This is about getting real, raw, and mining the gold within the challenges life offers us.




Join us every new moon, full moon, & other special occasions in sacred circle with like-hearted women for group energy medicine and spiritual alchemy.



Intuitive guidance, energy medicine, and deep support for your unique spiritual journey, heart-centered purpose, & life. Let us connect and create sacred space just for you...



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