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hello, sister!

Welcome to the Sacred Temple

This is a Sacred Space of: Energy Medicine, Sisterhood, Mysticism, Wild Woman Wisdom, Alchemy, Sacred Circle, Soul Journey, Earth Honoring Practices, Shadow Work, Divine Feminine Ceremony, Devotion, Truth, Cosmic Connection, Transformation, Expansion, Radiance, Embodiment, Purpose, Alignment, and Love.

Jessica holds quite a sacred space indeed. She is honest, kind, and powerful, not only as a facilitator, but as a channel and wise woman for the guidance that is ready for us in circle. She has many tools and modalities at hand, and she modifies guidance with ease to suit our individual needs.
— Randi Janelle (Channel, Author, Poet, Yogi)

Dear Sister, Wayshower, Priestess, Divine Feminine Wisdom Keeper, Energy Healer, Goddess, Mystic, Intuitive, Catalyst for Change, Heart-Centered Womxn, Soul-Centered Leader, Sacred Facilitator…

I invite you to enter in to this temple in Love and Trust.

We will step in to the mystical realms
and weave into form your own unique Priestess Path.


We come together on the level of the soul for a 6 month Journey of :

Mystic Remembering, Soul Journey, Inner Alchemy, Expansion, deeply personal Reclamation of Ancient Wisdom…


Rising in your own Soul Leadership, living embodied in your purpose, feeling confident in sharing your own unique energetic imprint with the world through your work in ways that feel Rooted, Wise, True, and YOU.


Circles, Retreats, Ceremonies, & Events

Gather in Community with like-hearted Souls

This is a space of Sisterhood… the conscious coming together of womxn to celebrate & support one another, with a shared heart, without judgement or competition. We show up in Real Raw Truth, Authenticity, Trust, Vulnerability. We show up in these ways to amplify Divine Feminine connections within ourselves, the womxn in circle with us, and our Earth as a whole. The common-unity of womxn who are heart-centered and showing up for one another has been a life-changer for me & the womxn I work with… I love expanding these spaces. I Love how the Soul Work we can do in Sisterhood is amplified exponentially beyond what we can do alone.

In-person circles are held at a minimum every New Moon & Full Moon. Full Moon circles are open to whoever feels aligned, and are a magical deep dive. New Moon circles are part of a closed group for 2019 and will re-open in 2020. Multi-day retreats are held every Spring and Fall. There are also community gatherings, day-long retreats, and other special events. More virtual gatherings to be announced soon!

Even as a professional writer, I don’t have words enormous or significant enough to express my experience of the Divine Radiance Retreat (Hot Springs, NC). I can only thank Jessica Ricchetti from bottom, top, and middle of my most sincere heart for creating safe and sacred space for my transformation into the next level of my soul ascension.
— Mia Lena (founder of elemental abundance [tm], Intuive Story-Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Clarsentient)
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Private Sessions & one-On-One Mentorships

Energy Medicine & Inner Alchemy

If you are looking for deep, personalized, no-nonsense support on your journey of Wholeness, Healing, Amplifying your Magic in this world, stepping in to the fullness of yourself as Healer & Heart-Centered Leader, Embodying Aligned-Purpose, Expanding in to the next step of your Journey, Reclaiming Power, Connecting with Divine/Intuition/Infinite Self, Navigating and Trusting your OWN Inner Wisdom… I would love to support your own unique path and work together to break-through & break-open the keys to YOU.


The Wisdom is within you.

The Alchemy is within you.

The Medicine is within you.

The Magic is within you.

I am simply here to support your path of REmembering, REconnecting, REclaiming, and Embodying your own Medicine... your own Magic.