Hello dear one! I am Jessica Ricchetti. I walk the path of Priestess, Sacred Space Holder, Mystic, & Energy Alchemist. My Soul-work is rooted in supporting womxn on a journey of Embodying Wholeness, rising in Divine Leadership, and sharing their own unique magic with the world. I lead transformational experiences for womxn through an Alchemical blend of Energy Medicine, Sacred Ceremony, Soul Journey Breathwork, Womxn's Circles, Retreats, Shadow Work, Healings, Readings, Intuitive Mentorships, & Coaching on all topics life/spirituality/entreprenuership/business. My life and work are based in the magical mountains of Asheville NC, and I support womxn anywhere in the world with distance sessions. I play in realms of ritual each day and live life as ceremony… in full Devotion to my path as Priestess.


I am also human. I am a lover, mother, wife, daughter, sister, bad-ass, friend, and maker of mistakes. I love chocolate just as much as I love altars. I have my own collection of traumas, challenges, pains {which are actually the foundation of my gifts}. I am wild & playful, I laugh at myself often, I question myself more often than I would like to admit, and I walk my own journey each and every day… doing the deep and constant inner work.

Jessica has remarkable gifts, many of which she has shared with me during the past year. In our alchemy sessions she reads into my woundings and blockages perfectly, helping me to heal; during circle she creates true sacred space, allowing each of us to share our joys and struggles with no fear of judgment. Jessica is the very best at what she does.
— Ellen J. Perry (Author, Teacher, Women's Rights Activist)

I Believe...

That every single person has all that they need within themselves… and still, there are often collections of challenge to sort through in order to really See/Know/Embody it all.

That some spiritual paths, communities, and concepts can actually be quite harmful and keep us feeling really separate from all that we are trying to connect with.

The work is never done. We never “arrive” or become “so enlightened” that we have no more growth or healing to experience.

That Wholeness and Healing are possible for ANYone and EVERYone.

That the world needs YOUR unique flavor of Magic. You shining your brightest. You living your purpose. You in alignment with your Soul. You. Embodied. Powerful. True.

Your whole life can change if you desire it to. Or, you can embrace your whole life as it already is…


I am here to be on your team!


You are deeply Wise, sister! I know you have all of the answers and Wisdom within you. I desire to sit by your side and reflect back to you the magic within your own bones… To be the mirror, to celebrate you, to guide you to your Inner and Infinite Knowing. I am not “your” Priestess, “The” Priestess, nor do I claim the title “High Priestess”. I am not “High” ~ on a pedestal ~ above anyone else. If you are looking for a guru, someone to be the immediate answer to your entire healing journey, or someone to put on a pedestal ~ it isn’t me. I love the Perfection of being human and absolutely imperfect… and I assure you, I will fall really hard off of any pedestal you put me on!

My roles as mentor, teacher, guide, healing practitioner, space holder, Priestess… are about being in my own relationship with Divine, sharing my own experiences, tools, techniques, and Wisdom to support your journey *with you*. I am not here to fix you, heal you, or be the light-switch. I know that is not what you are looking for. Your energetic investment in your journey is as important as mine. You have to put in the work, sister! And I know when we both come together, fully invested and willing to do the work… Magic will happen quicker and beyond anything we can imagine! {This isn’t fluff, sister. It is Truth. I see it every. single. day.}


My Truth & Roots

I didn’t grow up with my family feeding me organic plants, teaching me yoga, taking me to heart-centered community gatherings, or fostering a sense of spirituality within me. I took the long hard road around. I grew up in households of addiction, mental illness, and avoiding anything that caused us to face our inner hardship. I was bullied and shamed for the majority of my youth by my peers. I was told I was too much {of everything}, not enough {of everything else}, and just “different” ~ by family & peers. I experienced abuse in childhood and as a grown woman. I have many beautiful collections of trauma, pain, and challenge.

I lived many years pushing my intuitive gifts and sense of soul-connection away. I ‘worked hard’ to attain what I thought would make me successful, accomplished, and worthy. I tried to ‘fit in’ with others. I joined the Army and was deployed to a Combat Zone. I sacrificed myself to make others happy. I had shitty boundaries {no boundaries, rather}. I could go on and on. I disowned so many parts of myself and closeted the rest. To the point where my body began to rebel against myself and I began my collection of illnesses & autoimmune conditions. I broke down. On every level.

I had to make life changing shifts. My “spirituality” had to take a serious turn. I thought I was living it, but I was not even scratching the surface. I had to learn everything, unlearn everything, and repeat the cycle until it became an act of Devotion in my every single day (and still is). To break through and break open, I had to break down. Completely. Perhaps some or all of this is familiar to you. I am not sharing this from a place of feeling that I have made some discovery. I share my heart with you because I know you have lived too… I know you know challenge, difficulty, pain.

All of this to say, I have lived a lot of lives in this one. This is part of my magic… doing the raw, real, deep work to actually heal & transform my life. Most of my gifts are either because of this, or enhanced by this. So, Sister, I come to you, humbly, from my life’s experiences. I do this work because it has changed my life and the lives of many around me. This is not a job, a trend, a pretty-on-the-outside package for me. This is my livelihood because I believe in it, in me, in you. When I say this isn’t fluff, love and light bypassing, or empty affirmations… I mean it. I will challenge you. This work will challenge you. I am ready to dive in to the hard truth. Are you?

XO ~ Jessica Ricchetti


If you’d like to take a listen to hear a bit more about what the Priestess Path is to me, living life as Ceremony, the Healing Power of Sisterhood, Altars, and connecting to the Divine Within… here is a rich and vital conversation with myself and Joni Advent Maher of Revolutionary Heart in this episode of the Podcast: Trust your Sacred Feminine Flow.

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Formal Training & Credentials

I am committed to lifelong learning and growth within myself and my work. Some of my favorite continuing education courses & trainings are with focuses in all things Mystical, Energy Medicine, Meditation, Breath Practices, Breathwork, Somatic Dysfunction, Oneness Alchemy Prayer Technology, Astrology, Communication, & Neuroplasticity.

  • Initiated Priestess ~ Twice: In both a one year study of European Earth-Honoring tradition, and an extended mentorship immersion on the path of Oneness & Earth Wisdom

  • Sacred Circle Facilitator Training

  • Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences & Teaching Adult Learners ~ Summa Cum Laude

  • Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher & Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Crystal Healing & Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Certified Life Coach and Relationship Workshop Facilitator

  • Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (1,000+ hours of training) ~ with Awards and Honors

  • Teacher of Massage & Bodywork Therapy ~ in college-level Health Sciences

  • And in what seems like a former life... US Army Combat Veteran


The Wisdom is within you.

The Alchemy is within you.

The Medicine is within you.

The Magic is within you.

I am simply here to support your path of REmembering, REconnecting, REclaiming, and Embodying your own Medicine... your own Magic.