Terms & Conditions

+ I would really like to join the next event, but I won't be able to arrive on time. Is it okay if I am late to an event?

Our gatherings begin promptly at the start time, the doors are closed and we are considered to be in sacred space. We will not re-open them until the gathering is over, to not disturb the energy of the event and to honor the time everyone agreed to. Unfortunately, if you are late, you will not be let in and refunds will not be given. Please plan your time accordingly with buffer time for traffic, parking, and settling in. On a rare occassion there will be a community event that is 'pop-in-pop-out' and this will be clearly stated in any description.

+ What is your cancellation policy for Private Sessions?

There are no refunds given for cancellation at anytime. If you are a 'no show' for your appointment, you forfeit any $ exchange submitted.

If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled time. If you are able to reschedule another appointment time within one month, there will be no charge. You must email the reschedule request to Jessica@JessicaRicchetti.com.

I will be on time and ask you to do the same. If you are less than 15 minutes late, you will lose that partial time. If you are over 15 minutes late, you will be considered a 'no show' and lose the appointment and $ exchange. Thank you for understanding.

+ I am no longer able to make it to a circle/event that I signed up for, do you offer refunds for events?

When you anchor in your Yes, I bless you in to this temple space and consider you & your particular energy in all of the preparations {both energetic and physical}. Use your intuition, sister! If you feel like a YES, Trust that.

Your registration (and any deposit or $ exchange submitted) reserves your space for that particular event only. Your $ exchange for of any and all events, retreats, circles, mentorships, programs, or sessions is non-refundable. If you select an installment plan option you are responsible to pay the complete amount, regardless of your completion, within the originally agreed upon time frame.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is this circle for?

This circle {meaning any aspect of this sacred space} is for any womxn who feels aligned and agrees to show up with an open heart. If you are a yes to what you read, come! Trust your yes!

+ Do you use the term womxn with an x for inclusivity?

Everything I offer is open to all who identify with the heart of what I share… we are all sisters, not just cis-ters. This is a space of inclusivity and loving kindness, not loving blindness. Welcome are all of our LGBTQ/GSM/DSG/GNC + sisters. If this is the place you are called to be, come be! You will be welcomed with an open heart.

+ Why do you focus on work with womxn instead of working with everyone?

Women’s circles can be perceived as inherently exclusive. These particular circles are not about ‘excluding men’ or rising in the feminine and leaving our brothers behind. I simply know and love the power of women coming together in support of our own unique balance, to bring that balance back in to our world, communities, relationships, and to all beings on our planet. I also work with men and couples, this is just not the primary focus of my work at this time. With that said, if you are a person other than womxn or desire support in relationship and you feel aligned with my work... feel free to reach out.

+ What is the lineage/tradition of the circles you offer?

All circles in this space are non-denominational and not specific to any particular lineage. For any Priestess Immersion, training, or program, I will encourage sisters to connect with their own unique lineage and cultural associations. Feel free to check out the About Jessica page for more information on my background and trainings.

+ I have not experienced anything like this before, what should I expect?

Expect nothing! No, seriously... just please come with an open heart. If you are feeling a yes, be a YES. Even if you are not sure all of the details. Your Soul Knows! If you are not feeling a yes, then details do not matter! If you still have questions on details, you can send me a message... although, I will not give a play-by-play of what happens. You must come see and feel for yourself.

+ Can I come even if I do not know any of the other womxn?

YES! PLEASE! The gatherings I hold are a mixture of womxn. Some womxn have come to other gatherings, some have not. Some womxn come to multiple gatherings and not others. This is not just a set group of womxn who know one another. Being in Asheville also means that there are quite often "new" womxn. No matter what, you are not alone... you will not be alone... you are not the odd one out {because we are all sisters here, from day one}.

+ I do not see my question. How do I ask?

Feel free to email any question to Jessica@JessicaRicchetti.com or submit a form through the contact page under the "about" tab.