Priestess Immersion

Dear Sister, Wayshower, Priestess, Divine Feminine Wisdom Keeper, Energy Healer, Goddess, Mystic, Intuitive, Catalyst for Change, Heart-Centered Womxn, Soul-Centered Leader, Sacred Facilitator…


Welcome to this Temple

We come together on the level of the soul for a 6 month Journey of :

Mystic Remembering, Soul Journey, Inner Alchemy, Expansion, deeply personal Reclamation of Ancient Wisdom…


Rising in your own Soul Leadership, living embodied in your purpose, feeling confident in sharing your own unique energetic imprint with the world through your work in ways that feel Rooted, Wise, True, and YOU.

We will step in to the mystical realms and amplify your own unique Priestess Path.

Black Madonna ~ Pamela Matthews

Black Madonna ~ Pamela Matthews

  • Are you already holding sacred space and want to refine your abilities to hold deeply impactful experiences & space?

  • Do you desire to facilitate True & lasting transformation for others?

  • Do you feel the call of the Priestess… the deep REmembering, the Soul pull… to rise in your own Priestess Path & support others connecting with the Divine within themselves?

  • Are you feeling the emergence of your Soul Purpose and the readiness to share your sacred gifts with the world?

  • Do you desire to feel more embodied in your own Wisdom? To confidently flow with intuitively adapting your skills to direct the energy & needs of the sacred spaces you hold for individuals and groups?

  • Are you a coach, spiritual womxn entrepreneur, heart-centered leader who desires to amplify your service to others in rooted, practical, and yet magically alchemical ways?

  • Do you know you are meant for leadership and are looking to fine-tune your Knowings, unveil your own unique energetic imprint of Soul Leadership, and amplify what is Truest within you to be of highest service?

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Our Immersion begins September 22, 2019

Cantos for Reclamation ~ Shiloh Sophia

Cantos for Reclamation ~ Shiloh Sophia

Jessica gently leads others to see their special gifts through her ability to create a space that joins women in Sisterhood and empowers them to be themselves; vulnerable, real, seen and heard. She reveals by example how all women can be sacred mirrors for one another and guides them to remember who they were born to be. She shines light on the shadow to free others from shame and doubt so that they can get the most out of life.
— Tamara Ann Watts Wilson (Earth Priestess, Intuitive, Writer)

Immerse yourself into this Priestess Temple

Whether you are established in your Priestessing, expanding upon your journey, or feel as though you are newly stepping on to the Priestess path… this six month immersion is held in dedicated devotion to the deepening of YOU.

The Priestess is the Temple.
The Priestess path is one of self-mastery as a finely tuned instrument
to be of the highest integrity in service to others.

This immersion is held for the Cultivating of your own Inner Temple as a Sacred Facilitator. To hold an impeccable firm foundation for all of your Wisdom, Healings, Teachings, and Magic to flow through in to your Sacred Work & Soul Leadership.

The Priestess Path invites us inward
to show up for our Soul Work from
Infinite Flow and Divine Feminine Wisdom.

We can have BOTH Sacred Flow & Practical Work infused in to the same Alchemy that we put out in to the world as our Soul Leadership. In ways that break old paradigms and ways of ‘doing’, to simply BE as we are… Aligned, Whole, Sovereign, Leader, Healer, Priestess.

This is a Journey of Receiving the teachings that arise from within YOU,
while being held in Divine Mentorship, Alchemical Temple Space, and Sacred Sisterhood.

  • Amplify heart-centered service to others by embodying the vessel without being a spirit mediatory or ‘guru’

  • Craft culturally-aligned practices, rituals, and prayers as alchemical tools

  • Anchor in a sense of confidence with sharing your soul work and unique imprint

  • Experience rooted modern Energy Medicine that you can use for yourself and others

  • Remember your own Priestess skills, expand your leadership abilities, and add value to your current work and practices

  • Reclaim your own personal medicine, magic, and knowing

  • Easefully hold sacred space and create transformative experiences for individuals and groups

  • Refine your relationship with spirit guides, wisdom teachers, subtle frequencies, the infinite self, & unseen realms

  • Deepen in to self-mastery through potent shadow alchemy {shadow work} and personal healing… to transform your greatest wounds into your greatest gifts

  • Expand your abilities as seer, intuitive, & channel

  • Amplify your Sovereignty

  • Embody your own unique essence of BEing in leadership

  • Move through any layers of empath wounding to establishing & maintaining empowered energetic boundaries

The work that I have done with Jessica has quite literally changed my life. There isn’t a rating high enough to give for the love and conscious creation that she puts into all of the work she does! I have attended most of the circles she led in the past year and a half and all of her retreats and I can’t wait to see what unfolds for the future!!
— Tamara Ann Watts Wilson (Earth Priestess, Intuitive, Writer)

Experience new layers of self-mastery...

The Priestess has a refined ability to see and sense. Through reflection, meditation, her own practices, ritual, and a relationship with her inner realms… she amplifies these skills with expanded awareness.

The Priestess is able to hold sacred space for others because of her familiarity with her consistent deep inner work. She has held her own spiral journey and understands the perfection of ebbs & flows. She has turned her greatest wounds into her most radiant gifts.

The Priestess shows up fearlessly, with a courageous stand in who she is. She has faced her own shadow, her truth, her fullness… and after that, nothing can move her astray. She is mystic, artist, playful maiden, nurturing mother, wise crone, wild womxn, and all facets in between.

The Priestess is a vessel and conduit of the Divine. She clears herself of what no longer serves or resonates, to follow the flow of Love, Beauty, and Abundance. She is able to give from the infinite and offers healing to others. She is discerning, boundaried, and Sovereign.

The Priestess is a mirror, especially for her sisters. By steeping herself in devotion and living a life of service and ritual, she offers a sacred reflection of truth for all who dare to look. Bridging ancient Wisdom with BEing in the world today magnetizes and catalyzes those on their own journey.

The Priestess is her own unique Temple. There is a thread that weaves together our sisterhood as Priestesses, and still… this looks different for each and every Priestess. Where does your journey want to take you? What will this Immersion reveal?

Annelie Solis

Annelie Solis

A priestess is dedicated to serving the beauty, love, and spirit in all life. She learns how to attune to and work sacredly with all energies, particularly those of Nature and the elements. Like a fluid dance of ebb and flow, a priestess works passionately to raise the vibration of our physical world, infusing it with sacredness. Illuminating all that she is and does a priestess experiences great joy when performing divinely-inspired ceremony and ritual. Often compared to a Shaman, she is able to position herself between the visible and invisible worlds, residing in the valley of enriched tension lying between the two dimensions.
— Yendys Nefer-Atum

Isabel Bryna (Mariposa Galactica)

Isabel Bryna (Mariposa Galactica)

Calling all Priestesses, Healers, Magic Makers, Thought Leaders, Coaches, Spiritual Journeyers, Truth Tellers, Seekers of Wisdom, Wild Womxn,
and all those aligned with the feminine divine…

Your time is now. We rise together.

Our Temple will open in the Fall… the season of the Priestess. The veils thin and the focus becomes tuning inward. We will craft the inner altar and inner temple to begin the foundation of our work. Winter will hold us in the depths of stillness, alchemizing our shadows, facing the dark and unknown. We will emerge from our temple in the Spring. Embodied. Balanced. Rebirthed. Ready to stand more Rooted in our own Soul Leadership.

Jessica is able to hold extraordinary space for others with an uncanny ability to be “tapped in” to what Spirit wants to move through her. If you want to experience a true ally who will hold you in unconditional love, and empower you to reach your brightest light through embracing your darkness, Jessica is the one for you!

Immersion Details

a six month journey
Sept 22, 2019 - Mar 15, 2020
Autumn Equinox thru Spring Equinox
space is limited to ensure depth of community

In exchange for your investment in YOU, you will receive:

  • Monthly Live Circles with Mystical Transmissions
    The core of our journey ~ held in our Virtual Priestess Temple {zoom}

  • Monthly Live Council & Group Energy Medicine
    Receive personal support for anything that you need to integrate this journey more deeply
    ~ held in our Virtual Priestess Temple {zoom}

  • Priestess Sister Circle ~ Private Facebook Group
    This will be an active, intimate, loving co-created community for ongoing connection, support, sharing, reflections, check-ins, Q&A, and heart-centered Sisterhood

  • Walking the Priestess Path ~ Journals & Play/Work/sheets
    PDF reflection prompts & contemplations to support a thorough integrative experience

  • 25 weeks of content & connection
    In the weeks between our Circles; content, reflections, and bonus live videos will be shared via facebook group and/or email

  • Initiation Ceremony, Closing Celebration, & full day-long Retreat
    In-Person in Asheville, NC. {distance Initiation ceremony for those farther away}

  • Certification of Initiation as Priestess
    optional bonus ~ see requirements thru enrollment info page

  • Rituals, Meditations, & Daily Practice Invitations

  • Lifetime access to all materials, downloads, bonuses, & recordings of all live circles

  • Tools, Techniques, Resources, and other elements to support your own unique path

  • Special sliding scale rates for any desired additional one-on-one sessions to amplify your personal journey *only available to those enrolled

  • Clarity, Expansion, REmembering, Activation, Self-Healing, & Revelation

  • You will also receive bonus videos on topics including…

Divine Feminine Practices & Balancing the Sacred Masculine Within · Living relationships with Altars, Creating Ceremonial & Ritual containers, Space holding · Researching & working with your own lineage · Energetic boundaries & ‘protection’, clearing and cleansing, soul-care, supporting others · Programming - intention and purpose setting · Working with tools & objects · Body as temple & sensuality as an antenna · Right relationship · Reciprocity · Reverence · Compassionate communication · Navigating wounds, conflicts, and resistance in spiritual work · More topics guided by your own unique requests & those of the group ·

Manifest ~ Isabel Bryna

Manifest ~ Isabel Bryna

She is a channel of the divine feminine energy that so many of us feel called to and desire to fully experience and express in our lives. Jessica has been, for me, a conduit of personal change, insight, and authentic love.
— Alli Marshall (Author, Poet, Spoken-Word Artist)

This 2019 Priestess Immersion is

Full & Sold Out

Registration is closed and will re-open in 2020

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$1,300 ~ Pay in full discount $200


Deposit of $250 + Five monthly payments of $250


This Immersion is not for everyone

The Priestess Path is one of Devotion

I know that you are ready for all of the Magic Reclaiming, beyond-this-world Expansion, Activation, and Soul Remembering. I also know that you are ready to stand in Devotion to your own Priestess Path and do the deep inner work that this immersion will call forth.

Sister, this journey is deeply sacred. It is important that if you are a YES… you are ready to show up for yourself, for this circle, for your own Soul Leadership, and for your sisters. This means you are committed to attending each of the live calls, engaging in the facebook group, and participating in home-practices & personal reflections. Devotion to participation is especially important when challenge and resistance arise, as this is exactly the medicine and journey! You must do the work, dear Priestess. Plan to set aside approximately 4-5 hours per week to fully explore, experience, and integrate the immersion.

Toni Carmine Salerno

Toni Carmine Salerno


Your Priestess Temple Gatekeeper

Jessica Ricchetti is a Priestess, Sacred Space Holder, Mystic, & Energy Alchemist. She lives her life in Devotion, Love, Wild Woman Wisdom, and Sisterhood. Jessica’s soul-work is rooted in supporting womxn on a journey of Embodying Wholeness, rising in Divine Leadership, and sharing their own unique magic with the world. She leads transformational experiences for womxn through an Alchemical blend of Energy Medicine, Sacred Ceremony, Soul Journey Breathwork, Womxn's Circles, Retreats, Shadow Work, Healings, Readings, Intuitive Mentorships, & Coaching on all topics life/spirituality/entreprenuership/business. Her life and work are based in the sacred mountains of Asheville NC, and she supports womxn all over the world with distance sessions.


Hello, sister! I am honored to hold the space for this Priestess Temple Immersion. There are no cooker-cutter ways of being a Priestess. I truly believe that this is the exact beauty of Priestessing. We are all simply being in embodied devotion to the divine in *our own* unique ways. That is why I created this is a space to explore Priestessing in your own life, on your own path, in your own ways.

I am not here to teach you a template that ends up not applying to your life. Nor am I here to give you a ‘step by step’ that ends up not being sustainable or aligned for you and your work in the world. That is why this is not a training. This is a remembering… a deepening. We do this by way of circle. There will be wisdom shares, topics discussed, resources shared, questions answered, inspiration sparked, and reflections to inspire. You will grow, expand, and be challenged. Even if you have taken other ‘similar’ trainings, courses, or programs, this will be a rich and nourishing space for you! If you have not, and this is the first time… Welcome!!! I love sharing in this journey with other womxn. There is something seriously magical that happens, and can’t be put in to words, when we gather in sisterhood to do this work.

If you have read this far and have felt a yes at any point… I know you are meant to be here. Say YES to YOU and your leadership!

Enter the Mystery.png

If you have been craving a deepening on your journey,
a dedicated container for refining your own relationship with Divine Leadership in order to magnify the way you show up to serve and support others…

I invite you to enter this temple in Love and Trust.

May this journey serve your highest desires for walking this life as Priestess.

Creatrix ~    Jenny Hahn

Creatrix ~ Jenny Hahn

You are the Universe expressing... What worlds do you wish to create?
— Jenny Hahn

Connection Call

Sister, if you are feeling a YES to this Immersion, and have any questions… or if you are wondering if this is for you… let’s connect. I do ask that you read through all of the details on this page and the enrollment info first, that way our time together is best spent by really tuning in to the big important energetic alignment questions.

Schedule a call through the enrollment info page. Link here.