Priestess Temple

Enrollment Details…


Sept 22, 2019 - Mar 15, 2020
Autumn Equinox thru Spring Equinox
space is limited to ensure depth of community

In exchange for your investment in YOU, you will receive:

  • Monthly Live Circles with Mystical Transmissions
    The core of our journey ~ held in our Virtual Priestess Temple {zoom}

  • Monthly Live Council & Group Energy Medicine
    Receive personal support for anything that you need to integrate this journey more deeply
    ~ held in our Virtual Priestess Temple {zoom}

  • Priestess Sister Circle ~ Private Facebook Group
    This will be an active, intimate, loving co-created community for ongoing connection, support, sharing, reflections, check-ins, Q&A, and heart-centered Sisterhood

  • Walking the Priestess Path ~ Journals & Play/Work/sheets
    PDF reflection prompts & contemplations to support a thorough integrative experience

  • 25 weeks of content & connection
    In the weeks between our Circles; content, reflections, and bonus live videos will be shared via facebook group and/or email

  • Initiation Ceremony, Closing Celebration, & full day-long Retreat
    In-Person in Asheville, NC. {distance Initiation ceremony for those farther away}

  • Certification of Initiation as Priestess
    optional bonus ~ see requirements thru enrollment info page

  • Rituals, Meditations, & Daily Practice Invitations

  • Lifetime access to all materials, downloads, bonuses, & recordings of all live circles

  • Tools, Techniques, Resources, and other elements to support your own unique path

  • Special sliding scale rates for any desired additional one-on-one sessions to amplify your personal journey *only available to those enrolled

  • Clarity, Expansion, REmembering, Activation, Self-Healing, & Revelation

  • You will also receive bonus videos on topics including…

    Divine Feminine Practices & Balancing the Sacred Masculine Within · Living relationships with Altars, Creating Ceremonial & Ritual containers, Space holding · Researching & working with your own lineage · Energetic boundaries & ‘protection’, clearing and cleansing, soul-care, supporting others · Programming - intention and purpose setting · Working with tools & objects · Body as temple & sensuality as an antenna · Right relationship · Reciprocity · Reverence · Compassionate communication · Navigating wounds, conflicts, and resistance in spiritual work · More topics guided by your own unique requests & those of the group ·


Sunday, September 22, 2019
Opening Ceremony ~ 4:00pm - 7:00pm EST
in our Virtual Priestess Temple {zoom}

Live Gatherings every other Wednesday 6:00pm EST
1.5-2 hrs in our Virtual Priestess Temple {zoom}
Alternating between:
Monthly Live Circles with Mystical Transmissions
Monthly Live Council & Group Energy Medicine
Oct 9
Oct 23
Nov 6
Nov 20
Dec 4
Dec 18
Jan 1
Jan 15
Jan 29
Feb 12
Feb 26

Sunday, March 15, 2020
Initiation Ceremony & Day-long Retreat ~ 10:00am - 5:00pm EST
In Person in Asheville, NC. {distance Initiation option for those farther away}

  • This is the proposed schedule. If the enrolled Priestesses agree on another schedule ~ before the immersion begins ~ we may shift the live circles to accommodate other schedules. No changes will be made without the consent of those already enrolled. There will be no changes made after the start of the immersion.
    If you are feeling a SOUL YES and these dates/times are unavailable for you, please reach out!

  • For sisters who are unable to attend the in-person Initiation and day-long retreat, there will be a special distance ceremony & initiation. To be scheduled.

Certification of Initiation as Priestess

Many traditions hold initiation in the highest regard. With apprenticeship lengths of 13 moons, a-year-and-a-day, and 13 years being the most common. Ultimately, a Priestess was initiated after showing true dedication & devotion, knowledge of mystical depths, being skilled in energetic workings, abilities to hold her own divinity and reflect divinity to others.

This immersion is vastly different in that I am not holding a space of teaching linear ways or the ways of a particular lineage. Journeying with the intent of revelation of your own unique imprint allows for a quickening. Rather than learning techniques only to unlearn them later and find what works for you… we will be diving directly in to what aligns for you! Initiation also isn’t the end-all-be-all. It is the beginning. The opening. The Priestess Path is one of consistent refining of her craft. I believe that you already have what you need within, and that this space is to reveal and cultivate your relationship with it all. So, I feel truly aligned in honoring your initiation after 6 months.

In full transparancy, there is no legal authority or certifying body for Priestesses. Certification is offered in good faith. This immersion is a deeply sacred initiation, and I hold this temple space in honor of that. Anyone can join this experience, certification or not, and either way it is asked that womxn only do so in devotion to the inner journey.

Requirements to receive additional *Optional* Certification:

  • Attend all live circles, live councils, and opening ceremony

  • Complete Inititation {distance or in person}

  • Actively participate in the Priestess Sister Circle (facebook group) on a minimum weekly basis and with all of the core content shared. Community is a key component for our immersion.

  • Download and engage with all Journals & Worksheets

  • Demonstrate Devotion to your own journey ~ not just meeting minimum requirements or attending for the sake of certification

  • At the completion of our 6 month journey, submit a 10 minute video or 500 word written share about your experience through the Priestess Immersion

  • Facilitate a 1 hr circle or experience for the group in the last two months of our immersion
    {with support and feedback from Jessica if desired}

  • 4-5 hours per week is the average commitment time suggested to carve out for the totality of this experience

  • There is no extra financial investment to receive the optional certification, simply your commitment to devotion on your own Priestess path


$1,300 ~ Pay in full discount $200

Deposit of $250 + Five monthly payments of $250


+ Full Installment Plan Details

Enroll now with $250 Deposit.

You MUST create an account at checkout to be properly enrolled in payment plan. If you do not, a $60 fee will be collected for additional payment processing enrollment.

5 monthly payments will be automatically drafted from the card you use at checkout on:

September 1, 2019; October 1, 2019; November 1, 2019; December 1, 2019; January 1, 2020.

To select your own payment dates, simply pay your next installment prior to the due date and the installment will not be automatically drafted. Should you desire to use an alternate form of payment for subsequent installments, email at least 3 days before payment date.


Q & A

+ When will the next spiral of this Immersion be held?

The next Priestess Immersion will open for enrollment Summer of 2020 and will begin in Fall 2020.

+ What is your refund policy?

This Priestess Immersion is an Initiation. By setting the intention that you are a YES, I honor and hold that intention in its totality. The nature of soul work inherently brings up resistance & barriers to move through, it is part of the journey. It is an important part of the journey to complete the immersion even when barriers present themselves. Tune in to your inner wisdom on if this feels aligned and the right time. If you are feeling a YES… trust that.

Once you enroll, we enter in to a sacred contract. You will be held energetically, supported and guided through all layers of this experience. I am invested in this Immersion and in YOU. To honor this space, the energetic support, your intentions, your transformation, and your agreements… your energetic investment is non-refundable at any point. If you have signed up for a payment plan, you are making a commitment to completing all payments even if you decide to no longer participate.

Thank you for honoring this sacred agreement and being in devotion to your alchemical journey.

+ Why should I choose this Priestess Immersion over other experiences?

Ultimately, sister... it is all about Soul Resonance. That is exactly the way of the Priestess. If you feel the SOUL Yes, the inner pull, and aligned with what you see/feel in this sacred web space, flow with it.

This Immersion is not a Mystery School and not a "training". This is less about me "teaching" you. Rather, this is truly an exploration, an experience, a journey. We will work together to unveil and reveal what feels aligned for you. There will not be required readings, step-by-step rituals that you must follow to the letter, or strict rules. This is not about "my" way, and more about your way. There will still be an abundance of information, resources, and guidance. You will still acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities. You will still walk away with tools, and a deeper relationship with the Priestess Path.

Perhaps that feels aligned, and perhaps it does not. Only you know what it best for YOU!

+ What is the lineage/tradition of the circles you offer?

The "Priestess" Path is not tied to one particular lineage. The intention of this immersion is not to teach the ways of any particular lineage. You will be encouraged to Priestess in your own way of your own path and through your own lineages. Our foundations will be rooted in a blend of modern Alchemy, Energy Medicine, and practical Western Psychology.

With that said... please arrive to this immersion with your own path. Feel free to also arrive from the place of not feeling certain on a particular path. We will work to unveil what is culturally-aligned with you. Your unique path will be honored.

+ I do not see my question. How do I ask?

Feel free to email any question to or submit a form through the contact page under the "about" tab.

I would also love to connect with you via phone if there are questions that go beyond email, and to feel in to if this is the right fit. Schedule a connection call below.


Connection Call

Sister, if you are feeling a YES to this Immersion, and have any questions… or if you are wondering if this is for you… let’s connect. I do ask that you read through all of the details on this page and the main page first, that way our time together is best spent by really tuning in to the big important energetic alignment & questions ~ the ‘is this aligned for me’, ‘is this a right fit’, etc.

I look forward to connecting with you!