Women's Alchemy Circle ~ New Moon in Cancer

Wednesday, July 11th
5:00 - 8:00
South Asheville

Gather with us, sister... in the timelessness of sacred space as we commune with our own infinite wisdom in this circle of like-hearted women. While we receive insights and nudges from the lunar & seasonal cycles, archetypes, and the energies that arise to support our alchemical time together... we illuminate deeper layers of our being & our experiences. Together we dive in to our inner worlds, reflect on what is ready to be purified & fall away, allow our soul's truth to rise forth, and anchor into the vibration of our YES. This is a space for aligning with our own unique brilliance, cultivating easeful connections with the divine within, and remembering that we are infinitely supported both in the seen and the unseen. We create a sacred container for seeding transformation, attuning to the frequency of our desires, nourishing our hearts with the heart of circle, and receiving energy medicine to support the ever-unfoldment of our journeys.

The dark moon is the lowest energetic and emotional ebb of the month. It can often feel like a time of increased challenge, heaviness, emptiness, introversion, and really showing us the shadow both within and in how we respond to others. It is also a time of heightened intuition, thinned veils, and deepened inner reflection. We gather at this time in the liminal space before a new lunar cycle to sync with the rhythms of grandmother moon... to open to the purification & re-fortification of this time as we prepare to walk through the energetic doorway of the new moon and consciously craft our new beginnings.

- Commune in sacred women's ceremony
- Reflect with the wisdom of the lunar & seasonal cycles
- Unify in a global sisterhood meditation
- Move through the shifts in our lives with energy medicine
- Receive guidance, healing, and support from the infinite
- Align with the essence of a Goddess/archetype in circle & through the upcoming moon cycle
- Connect with a community of deeply authentic & loving women

Sometimes we are cosmically called in to radical transformation, and sometimes we need to soften in to a space where we are held in the loving power of sisterhood… any expression of your divine self is honored here.

Circle is held in sacred space at Jessica's home in South Asheville.
Space is limited. Pre-registration required & spaces fill quickly.
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For this new moon in cancer, we will be returning to the simplicity of centering our focus on the lunar wisdom, archetypal energies, sister connections, and new moon reflections. Deep dives will be on pause for July as our circle is flowing toward a restructuring and a new circle is forming centered around shadow alchemy.

Upcoming circle dates:
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Saturday August 25th ~ Full Moon Alchemy Circle
Saturday September 8th ~ New Moon Alchemy Circle
September 21st - 23rd ~ Full Moon Alchemy Circle RETREAT

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