Gathering to deepen in connection with your own unique wisdom, to grow in conscious community, to receive support on your path of remembering wholeness, and to amplify reverence for both our human-ness & the infinite divinity within and around us.

Jessica is literally the best Circle facilitator I have ever experienced. These circles have been utterly life-changing for me. I have been able to deepen in my spirituality and sisterhood in ways that just weren’t accessible without the support that circle provides.
— Ionsul Ferrin (Soul Mission Mentoring, Transformation Coach)


Begins January 19/26, 2020. Virtual Sacred Space.

Saturday, December 21st. The Shift Studio.

New Moon. Monday, October 28th. South Asheville.

New Moon. Saturday, November 23rd. South Asheville.


Divine Feminine Rising

We will Soul-Journey with the collective intention of connecting with the Divine Feminine within.
Activating, Awakening, Reclaiming, Remembering, Feeling, Knowing HER as YOU…
Rising in to and Expanding deeper layers of your own Truth.

Breathwork · Inner Alchemy · Energy Medicine · Soul-Journey · Ceremony

  • Step into the alchemy of sacred ceremonial space

  • Journey with soul-level experiential energy medicine & breathwork

  • Receive guidance, healing, and support from the seen and unseen

  • Expand your relationship with yourself as Healer, Healed, and Whole

  • Attune to the frequency of your deepest yes

  • Clear out anything keeping you from feeling free, wild, limitless, expansive, & true

  • Re-Presence into & Re-Member the infinite inner wellspring of Wisdom

The Breathwork system we use takes us on a journey through the consciousness accessed by the breath. This Breathwork supports a deep REmembering of who we really are. Through this shifted state and increased awareness, we can experience wholeness, crystal clarity, deeply therapeutic transformation, rapid healing, personal empowerment, and boundless self-exploration. This is not similar to breathing techniques used in yoga or meditation that bring upon calm and relax the mind. This is an activated state that shifts the brain chemistry to "get the mind out of the way" and truly experience your infinite self. Connect with guides, ancestors, your inner medicine keeper, and clear insights that are soul-inspired, tangibly accessed, and deeply felt.

We gather in this space to let. it. all. go. and create space for what we deeply desire. This smaller group allows for the big inner alchemy... similar to a one-on-one deep healing session while being held in an intimate ceremonial container and circle of sisters.

This is the space to dive in to what is needing attention, healing, fortifying, purifying, clearing, activating, alchemizing, actualizing. We will work with all that needs to be seen, felt, held, and honored to support your forward movement.

These circles fill quickly. Space is limited. Pre-Registration required to reserve a space.

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This Circle is FULL & SOLD OUT

Wild Woman

Monday, October 28th
Energetic Exchange $40


This circle is full as of 10/7

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New Moon. Saturday, November 23rd.
South Asheville ~ details sent after registration.
Energetic Exchange $40

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Monthly Full Moon and New Moon Circles will return and re-open in 2020.

Gather with us, sister...

In the timelessness of sacred space as we commune with our own innate wisdom in this circle of like-hearted womxn. While we receive insights and nudges from the lunar & seasonal cycles, archetypes, and the energies that arise to support our alchemical time together... we illuminate deeper layers of our being & our experiences. Together we dive in to our inner worlds, reflect on what is ready to be purified & fall away, allow our soul's truth to rise forth, and anchor into the vibration of our YES. This is a space for aligning with our own unique brilliance, cultivating easeful connections with the divine within, and remembering that we are infinitely supported both in the seen and the unseen. We create a sacred container for nourishing our hearts with the heart of circle and receiving energy medicine to support the ever-unfoldment of our journeys.

We also celebrate our humanity here. Our not-alone-ness. We show up in the divine perfection of who we are in every single moment, knowing that the path we walk is not a linear one. We ebb, we flow, we spiral, we get real, we are real. We dive in to truth, raw vulnerability, challenge, shadow, and healing. We also dive in to how infinite, boundless, expansive, juicy, and seriously magical we are.

Sometimes we are cosmically called in to radical transformation, and sometimes we need to soften in to a space where we are held in the loving power of sisterhood… any expression of your divine self is honored here sister.

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Circle Location

Walking in Wholeness and Full Moon Breathwork circles are held in sacred space at a private residence in South Asheville.

Address and other information sent via email the week of circle to all registered sisters.

Space is limited to ensure close-knit community and a potent ceremonial container.
Pre-registration required.

To be placed on a waiting list for any event, send an email to



All circles in this space are non-denominational and inclusive to all who enter with an open heart.
No previous “experience” or “work” necessary. Join us as you are!

Womxn’s circles can be perceived as inherently exclusive. These particular circles are not about ‘excluding men’ or rising in the feminine and leaving our brothers behind. We simply know the power of womxn coming together in support of our own unique balance, to bring that balance back in to our world, communities, relationships, and to all beings on our planet.

Events are open to all who identify… we are all sisters, not just cis-ters. This is a space of inclusivity and loving kindness, not loving blindness. Welcome are all of our LGBTQ/GSM/DSG/GNC + sisters. If this is the place you are called to be, come be! You will be welcomed with an open heart.



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Email sisters receive first invitation for all sacred gatherings before events are announced on facebook and meetup. Join the email circle here!

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  • Monthly Circles at both the New & Full Moons

  • Year-Long Journey of Inner Alchemy

  • Immersion Retreats each Spring and Fall

  • Day-Long Retreats at the Summer & Winter Solstice

  • Priestess Temple Immersions

  • Soul Mentorships

  • Annual 1,000 Goddesses Gathering

  • Annual International Womxn’s Day Circle ~ Global Sisterhood

  • Community Gatherings

  • Monthly Virtual Circles

  • Private Ceremonies for RE-birthing days, Sacred Union, Dissolution of Union, Special Sister groups, Home & Land Clearings, and Life Changes.