Walking in Wholeness
Year-long Journey for 2019

This series is a year-long journey of 11 circles. Weaving together inner alchemy, deep remembering, energy activations, and embodied exploration of your own unique spiritual path.

Being in divine devotion to our own unique spiritual path is the greatest gift we can receive. Why? Our path is exactly that… ours. When we are living in accordance with our own spiritual path, we are living in alignment with the truest expression of our soul and our highest good. Sometimes the path is easy to deviate from without a dedication or devotional commitment. This is an invitation to set an intention for your own path, and commit to the highest expression of your own soul’s BEing for 2019.

I know that in my personal practice and path, I flourish most when I have devotion to expansion, love, balance, openness, wholeness. Otherwise, devotion to habits, past pains, traumas, and old ways of being becomes the subconscious foundation from which I am operating… it is the way our nervous systems work.

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Walking in Wholeness is an experience of remembering that we already have everything we need within us, we are divinely perfect, complete, & whole… Remembering deeply in all areas, so we can walk our lives in truest alignment, expansion, ease, love, freedom, and wildly rooted in our own true expression. We walk on this journey together in sacred sisterhood, deepening in relationship with the divine feminine through the women in circle and ourselves.

This circle is an exploration of spiritual principles, energetics, and aspects of BEing… to take a deeper look at the subtle layers of our lives. Each month we will circle up in sacred ceremony and journey with one essence and the insights of its many vibrational facets. Exploring through feeling, intuition, ceremony, reflection, practices, ritual, energy medicine, connection, and experience. We will tune in to how we personally are in relationship with these energetics, and shift our experience to activate and attune to our deepest desired expressions. Allowing a deeper communion so that we may walk with a new embodied experience & understanding as we continue along our journey.

Sip some tea, connect deeply with authentic heart-centered women, commune with your own inner wisdom, share your heart with us, receive loving support along your journey, illuminate deeper layers of your being & experience, clear away what no longer serves, anchor in to your own YES, blossom in the radiance of YOU. With the completion of each circle, we walk back into our lives feeling a deeper sense of wholeness... calling more of ourselves home to ourselves, trusting in our inner medicine woman, and relating with life from a true sense of balance.

We gather at the time of the new moon, where we are naturally supported in the cycle of heightened intuition, connection to the subtle energy bodies, deepened inner reflection, setting potent intentions, honoring endings, welcoming new beginnings, and the tradition of women gathering in circle.

The Beauty of Devotion…

Being on this journey together for the entire year, brings an extra layer of divine deepening and support as we walk this path side by side. Circling with a consistent soul-group of women allows for an amplified experience of feeling seen & heard, while also inviting us to see and listen even more deeply so... with the eyes and ears of the heart/soul/womb/inner medicine keeper.

The energetic activations, embodied knowings, and heart healing are even more exponentially so when we are in devotion in these ways… committed to showing up for ourselves, the divine in all of her forms, and the circle. Our circle is about halfway full as I add this update, and there is an incredibly potent group of soul family weaving together. I invite you to join us, sister. You know if you are a YES.


Devotion & Reciprocity

I wanted to offer a special ceremony & circle as a gift for allowing Walking in Wholeness to be a part of your devotional act to self, simply because I know the power of dedication and commitment to our own journey. This will be a bonus circle, free from me to you, just for you. A ceremony of divine reciprocity for you to receive even more in return for your devotion, to anchor in the magic of all you have created for yourself, and to solidify your journey with this circle. A celebration of YOU. Date will be in December 2019, to be determined by all of us who take this journey.

In truth, where ever your journey takes you for 2019… I invite you to allow yourself to receive the gift of your own devotion and make a commitment to keep showing up for YOU.

Each circle is $25, devotion to all 11 circles makes the year-long journey $275.
Or three installments of $95.
First installment due by January 5th.
Second installment due by March 1st.
Third installment due by May 1st.

Registration extends through our first circle on January 5th.

Walking in Wholeness ~ Circles & Core Energetics

All circles are from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • SURRENDER - Saturday, January 5th

  • PRESENCE - Monday, February 4th

  • SISTERHOOD - Friday, March 8th ~ *International Women’s Day

  • Divining Radiance Retreat ~ No WW circle for April

  • EXPANSION - Saturday, May 4th

  • POWER - Monday, June 3rd

  • CREATIVITY - Tuesday, July 2nd

  • ABUNDANCE - Wednesday, July 31st

  • HEALING - Friday, August 30th

  • TRUST - Saturday, September 28th

  • WISDOM - Saturday, October 26th

  • CLARITY - Tuesday, November 26th

This circle is now closed for drop-ins, and is only open for women joining as a year-long journey.



Walking in Wholeness year-long circle is now full. To be added to a waiting list, submit your email address here.

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