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Thursday, October 17th ~ Sunday, October 20th

at the Wheel of Bliss in Hot Springs, NC

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Waning Moon…

Waning Year…


Waning Veils to all things mystical, magical, & wildly-wise.



In Spring we gather for REbirth, REclamation, Alchemizing the Shadow,
and clearing space to Blossom, Grow, Expand.

In Autumn,
we gather to REmember...

* To Remember that there is infinite Magic, Wisdom, Love, Healing, and ALL that we need within our very bones.

* To Remember Community & Sisterhood ~ Women gathering with a true heart-centered common-unity to celebrate, support, reflect truth, and hold safe space for one another.

* To Remember the Divine Feminine within and AS each one of us.

* To Remember that we are deeply & Infinitely Resourced, and to amplify that Remembering in preparation for the return of the dark half of the year.

* To Remember how truly wonderful it feels to return to the home within our own hearts, our own center, and feel Embodied Sovereignty.

This Sacred Circle Alchemical Immersion

is equal parts

Deep Soul Work & Retreat.

Retreat in the sense that we will nourish and tend to the emotional, mental, physical, and energetic bodies… stepping out of the day-to-day and steeping ourselves in the richness, re-membering, re-vitalizing, and deep re-sourcing that comes when we allow ourselves to simply BE. In this way, we slow down and flow with the truth of who we are.

Deep Soul Work in that every moment is an opportunity for alchemy. We will be in ceremony, journey, inner alchemy, reflection, and revelation each day… rooting ourselves in the embodied re-membering of our truest essence. Not by way of love&light bypassing, rather in a deeply practical and tangible sense.

We immerse into this ceremonial experience to…

Re-Member our Wholeness, Brilliance, Radiance, and Ease
Re-Turn to Center, Self, and the Wisdom of our own inner Knowing
Re-Align with our natural rhythms & the Autumnal shifts
Re-Veal the deepest medicine and alchemy within
Re-Source with the simple medicine of BEing

· Immersion-Long Women’s Circle
· Breathwork Soul Journeys
· Daily Inner Alchemy
· Energy Medicine & Invitations of Deep Healing
· Gentle Goddess Yoga *
· Sovereign Spiral Path ~ Guided Meditative Movement Practice *
· Seasonal, Archetypal, & Divine Feminine Reflections
· Gathering around the Fire
· Goddess Gala ~ a Playful Evening of Embodiment *
· Visioning and Soul Exploration
· Communing in Sisterhood
· Sacred Ceremony


Flow of Our Time Together

As you feel into the intentions and energy of our weekend, please keep an open heart to the possibility of change! We will shift and flow as the energetics reveal themselves in the weeks leading up to our immersion, and as the alchemy weaves together when each sister anchors in her YES. All experiences are optional.


We step across the threshold ~ out of the day-to-day world and in to our sacred temple space on Thursday October 17th at 2:00p.m., and we will be immersed ‘in circle’ for our entire four days together. We will presence into our own heart/soul wisdom, root in to the heart of these Grandmother mountains, and deepen in sister connection. Our bodies will be nourished as we enjoy our first meal in this sacred community. Tuning & turning within, we will reflect and align with our innate wisdom. Through the depth of Soul Journey Breathwork, we will open to our REmembering.


Our day will begin with Gentle Goddess Yoga. We will dive deeply in to our own inner alchemy with Soul Journey Breathwork, Ritual, Ceremony, Circle, Meditations, Reflections, and Energy Medicine… unveiling layers of self, truth, activation, expansion, and REmembering. Our days will also include time with the sacred land and self-reflection, drumming around our evening fire, and the simple beauty of the divine perfection that unfolds in sister space.


Through connection with the Earth, movement, divine communion, circle, ourselves, and our sisters, we will continue our journey with potent inner alchemy, wisdom, and visioning. We will traverse the inner worlds with the Sovereign Spiral Path ~ a guided meditative movement practice, to journey into our Inner Sanctuary as we experience being Held by the Divine, gaining clarity and deeper connection with Self along the way! Our day will complete with a playful yet potent Goddess Gala & feast ~ with adornment, embodiment, and REmembering.


Our final day together will be attuning to our REmembering, anchoring in the knowings of our immersion revelations, and feeling firmly rooted into the Truth of who we are. We will wake up to Gentle Goddess Yoga, share our hearts, enjoy our last meal in Sisterhood, and experience our closing circle. In Sacred Reciprocity, we will share our gratitude with the land, giving back just as much as we receive. We will re-emerge from our circle’s threshold on Sunday October 20th at 3:00p.m. as Embodied, Sovereign, Connected, Aligned, Re-Sourced, Nourished, Wild, and Free.

Our circle will fill and close with 16 women total, to ensure close-knit community and to hold a potent container.


In this circle we know it is safe to take off all masks and be fully authentic & seen as we are.

In this circle we journey within and spiral with all aspects of the sacred feminine.

In this circle we reconnect with our deepest selves, our true nature, our sisters, our magic.

In this circle we gather in wild woman wisdom, scrying in the deeply alchemical mirror of sisterhood.

Retreat Home


Our retreat home is the beautiful Wheel of Bliss in Hot Springs, NC about an hour from Asheville and 10 minutes from Max Patch. Nestled in to the heart of these oldest mountains in the world. This retreat center & her land have a deep and rich history of communities gathering in sacred ceremony and honoring ancient tradition.

We have 63 acres of sacred land, rolling meadows, creeks, streams, waterfalls, lush forests, and mountain trails to ourselves. So, as we step in to our sacred temple space, it is just for our circle for all 4 days!

Jessica has a special relationship with the Wheel of Bliss in holding & attending multiple alchemical retreats on this land as well as being married there. This circle & retreat will continue to return here for communion, alchemy, and ceremony.

If you have been to this land/space before... there is a new & exciting development for this Autumn Retreat!
If you have not been... welcome, sister!!! This temple space is home.


Your Investment in YOU Includes:

  • Four Days & Three Nights accommodations at the sacred retreat house

  • All Circles, Ceremonies, Energy Medicine, and Experiences

  • All Meals, snacks & treats

  • Nourishing herbal elixirs, tonics, and teas

  • Creating and deepening in soul-sister connections

  • Expanding your relationship with Self-Healing

Not included: You will need to provide your own travel to and from the retreat center. For any questions on location details or travel information, contact Jessica: jessica@jessicaricchetti.com.

Deposit of $145+ reserves your space. All inclusive options from $555.
Payment plans available.

  • Single in Shared Room ~ SOLD OUT

  • Queen in Shared Room ~ SOLD OUT

  • Single in Semi-Private Room ~ SOLD OUT

  • Queen in Private Room ~ SOLD OUT

Click here for payment plan information, booking details, deposits, and registration.

Your Sacred Circle Holder

Jessica Ricchetti is a Priestess & Energy Alchemist. She lives her life in Devotion, Love, Wild Woman Wisdom, and Sisterhood. Jessica’s soul-work is rooted in supporting women on a journey of Embodying Wholeness, rising in Divine Leadership, and sharing their own unique magic with the world. She practices an Alchemical blend of Energy Medicine, Sacred Ceremony, Soul Journey Breathwork, Women's Circles, Retreats, Shadow Work, Transformational Healings, Readings, and Mentorships. Her life and work are based in the sacred mountains of Asheville NC, and she supports women all over the world with distance sessions.


Hello, sister! These retreats are so special to my heart. Being immersed in circle and witnessing women return home to themselves, shed layers, step into wholeness, remember their own magic, connect more deeply with self and sisterhood, have heartfelt breakthroughs, and simply allowing ourselves to be in the divine perfection of what we already are… that is absolutely transformative and priceless to me. What we drop in to here, on these retreats, feels time-bending and beyond anything my imagination can craft. I invite you to join us if you are open-heartedly desiring more radiant wholeness and deep self-sourcing in your life. You know if you are meant to be with us, so if it is a yes, say YES!


Throughout the weekend you will be well fed with homemade vegetarian-based meals and mindful snacks/treats. All dairy, egg, gluten, and animal protein {fish} will be separate to accommodate all vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian sisters.

In addition to our meals and snacks, we will also be enjoying the delights of: Wild Woman’s Moon Herbal Tea (aka “the” tea), Autumn Spiced Turmeric Golden Milk, and Herbal Elixirs.

Please inform of any food allergies/sensitivities upon registration. It is important that you feel nourished, so if there is something specific you desire or require, you are welcome to bring supplemental nourishment for yourself. Please remember to take care of your needs.


Heart Shares from prior Retreats...

This past week-end was soo powerful and transforming. The past two were incredible and beautiful, but this one was the very best yet. There was such a connection of love and beauty among everyone that shone through.
— Diane Spotz
Even as a professional writer, I don’t have words enormous or significant enough to express my experience of the Divine Radiance Retreat (Hot Springs, NC). I can only thank Jessica Ricchetti from bottom, top, and middle of my most sincere heart for creating safe and sacred space for my transformation into the next level of my soul ascension.
— Mia Lena
Transformative, confidence building, enlightening. Jessica’s humble and inspiring and thoughtful priestessing is such a gift to us. Thank you.
Hey Jessica, I just wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful retreat! I keep unpacking the gifts, experiences, and sisterhood on a deeper level each day. You really inspired me to be who I am and all of that wonderful Ness with all the brilliance I have to offer... Much love and gratitude!
— Wyoming
Words just can’t capture what this experience was for me... truly a transformational weekend.
— Q.A.
Not only did I come back fully rejuvenated, but I felt like I deepened sister connections and built new ones! This was revitalizing and clearing for me. I loved it!
— Chelsey Moise


Special Guest Facilitators & Sister Team

Chelsey Moise is a Spiritual Companion who works with women to find deeper meaning within themselves in relation to their personal spiritual path. She believes peace happens when we stand fully in our Sovereignty, which is why she created the Sovereign Spiral Path ~ a meditative movement practice that connects you with your Inner Self and helps to bring forth your own messages and guidance to root deeper into Sovereignty. Chelsey leads circles for Deep Listening, The Inner Mystic, and Sober Moon Sisters online and in the Charlotte area. She is an interspiritual advocate within her community, leading monthly Spiritual Experiments from different religious traditions. Her mission is to create sacred space for others, so that they may remember how divinely Loved they truly are.

Chelsey will be leading us through the Sovereign Spiral Path ~ A practice that was birthed from inspiration she received on this land. She has circled in each of the three prior iterations of this Retreat, and this will be the second annual Autumn that she brings us this offering. Connect with her work via her website, facebook, or instagram.



DD Ramirez-Welch is a Yoga Teacher (RYT 200), Facilitator of Transformation, Mentor, Life-Loving BadAss, and Creatrix of a line of Earth-Based Healing Personal Care Products. She has spent a lifelong career in Public Service, devoted to improving the lives of children & families in her community. Her balance of compassionate playfulness and powerful presence inspires a sense of liberation in the lives she touches. DD’s passionate exploration into healing arts and personal development have led her to practices of Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, and Wild-Woman Wisdom. She is in the process of creating a Healing Arts Sanctuary and Temple space in the Southern US.

DD will be bringing us Gentle Goddess Yoga all the way from San Diego, CA and will support us all with nourishing meals throughout the retreat.


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