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Welcome, dear sister!

I am so grateful to receive your yes for this day-long retreat.

I look forward to being in sacred space with you for this wintery celebration and soul-centered journey!

Please read over all of the information below to ensure we are all on the same page.


We are circling up on the indoor labyrinth at The Shift Studio:

708 B, Fleming St, Hendersonville, NC 28791

Saturday, December 22nd

Our day will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. and we will close circle at 5:00 p.m.
Please be sure to arrive on time or up to 15 minutes early.
Once our circle is set, the doors will lock and there will be no late entry.

Flow of our day & Nourishment

*UPDATE* Lunch will be at approximately 1:00 p.m. to create the best energetic flow for our day! This allows us to be in deep energy space, and integrate our soul journey, right at full moon exact (12:49 p.m.)!

We will be enjoying our Cacao in the morning, and begin Breathwork close to noon. These are best entered in to without a full stomach. You may desire to have a small breakfast before our retreat. If you have a practice with fasting before energetic journeys and/or Cacao, just ensure you are listening to your body that morning prior to arriving.

Lunch will consist of Winter Solstice Soup*. Some small snacks will be provided, as well as tea & water available throughout the day. If you desire additional nourishment, you are welcome to bring food or snacks. There is not a kitchen nor appliances, so ensure that any food you bring is ready to eat.
*vegan (dairy on the side), grain-free, no beans/legumes. It is a simple, lovingly made, veggie only soup.


What to Bring

  • Gift: Sacred Santa offering to give another sister (details below).

  • Floor sitting comfort: We will be circling on the cushiony floor for most of our day, and I will provide adjustable floor chairs. We will also have yoga blankets, bolsters, mats, blocks… although, you may still desire to bring special blankets or pillows, etc. Imagine bundling up on a wintery day, and bring any/all of the comforts that come to mind! Especially when we lie down for breathwork.

  • Writing: Journal and something to write with. We will have written reflection opportunities, and you are always welcome to take notes on what comes up during our time together.

  • Sacred Items: Please bring an item for our center altar to co-create our sacred space. Feel free to bring as many or as few items as you feel called to. Anything that represents the season, your journey, sacred remembering, something you are working with/on, or any items/tools you desire. This can be something you offer to the space, or something(s) you bring home with you!

  • Water Bottle AND Mug: You will need to bring your own mug for our Cacao ceremony. We will not have extra. If you cannot bring a mug, please let me know in advance. We have water available, but please bring a bottle or cup to refill.

  • Vision Board Supplies: I will provide the supplies for our vision boards AND if you have & would like to bring scissors, glue sticks (no wet glue allowed on the studio floor), magazines, images to use, a special ‘base’ for your board, other crafting items (no loose glitter) or any other vision board supplies… you are welcome to do so & it would be appreciated.

  • To wear: Equal parts beautiful and comfortable. Maybe it is fuzzy socks & warm comfy layers, maybe it is adorned and dressed in a way that feels beautiful, or maybe a unique mixture or something different! With floor sitting in mind, just be sure that you are truly comfortable in what you are wearing for a full day.

  • MOST importantly: Bring an open heart! Bring YOU and all of your truth. Come as you are. In this sacred space we are all one. We honor and accept each other without judgement or comparison. We share sacred space with an open heart and no expectations of each other. This is a place to feel safe in all of your unique authenticity. In all of our shadows and light there is unconditional acceptance. It is encouraged for you to shed any layers of un-truth and play with what it feels like to be vulnerable in this safe space, held in love and truth by your sisters!

Sacred Santa Gift Exchange

Think: “Secret Santa” meets Sacred Sister.

As a way to share in the abundance of love and gratitude for our sisters, let us give an offering to a sister that will bring heart-centered meaning to her life! This does not need to be something overthought or expensive… just something that feels special. This can be small, made, purchased, or re-gifted.

Each woman will bring ONE gift.
You will not know who you are gifting to until our exchange.
Each woman will receive one gift.

How to choose the “right” gift:
Listen to your heart/soul and follow your intuition. Go with what feels good for you.

What to Expect

Nothing. And miracles. Simultaneously.

Seriously though, sister. The less expectations the better… so that we can all be completely open-hearted and surrendered in to the divine perfection of exactly how the day unfolds for us. Trusting that whatever is revealed is exactly the medicine if we simply open to it.
We can allow ourselves to be transformed in the space of sacred sisterhood. Set intentions and bring your own insight! It is up to us, each one, to bring in the energy that we seek to journey with. So, if we are looking for healing… we must share that and be open to receiving it. If we are looking for connection… we must share that and be open to receiving it. If we are looking for expansion… we must share that and be open to receiving it. We are each responsible for the inner journey.

I can create an opportunity for it all as space holder… and it is up to you to dive in, dear sister. Let us ride the balance between expecting nothing and allowing ourselves to receive all that we seek or desire!

Thank You!

Now that all of the logistics are complete… return to excitement and take three heart breaths. No, seriously… stop whatever else you are doing and gift yourself with three full breaths. You are worth it. Breathe in to all of the radiance that you are!

I am grateful to be journeying in to this space with you.

Please fill out the form below to let me know you have read this page. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

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photo credits: cacao ~ saveur. labyrinth ~ the shift studio. vision board ~ rewire me.