Soul Journey ~ co-ed Breathwork & Energy Medicine Gathering

Soul Journey ~ co-ed Breathwork & Energy Medicine Gathering

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Breathwork · Energy Medicine · Soul-Journey · Inner Alchemy · Group Healing

Honoring the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, and all expressions of BEing.

  • Step into the alchemy of sacred ceremonial space

  • Journey with soul-level experiential energy medicine & breathwork

  • Receive guidance, healing, and support from the seen and unseen

  • Expand your relationship with yourself as Healer, Healed, and Whole

  • Attune to the frequency of your deepest yes

  • Clear out anything keeping you from feeling free, wild, limitless, expansive, & true

  • Re-Presence into & Re-Member the infinite inner wellspring of Wisdom

We will circle up, be guided through grounding & tuning inward, share what is alive for us in an uninterrupted sacred space ~ without being “fixed” or advice giving, enter in to a deep Soul Journey through a powerful guided Breathwork practice, receive group healing and individual energy medicine, and leave feeling more connected, clear, rooted, balanced, and whole!

The Breathwork system we use takes us on a journey through the consciousness accessed by the breath. This Breathwork supports a deep REmembering of who we really are. Through this shifted state and increased awareness, we can experience wholeness, crystal clarity, deeply therapeutic transformation, rapid healing, personal empowerment, and boundless self-exploration. This is not similar to breathing techniques used in yoga or meditation that bring upon calm and relax the mind. This is an activated state that shifts the brain chemistry to "get the mind out of the way" and truly experience your infinite self. Connect with guides, ancestors, your inner medicine keeper, and clear insights that are soul-inspired, tangibly accessed, and deeply felt.

We gather in this space to let. it. all. go. and create space for what we deeply desire.

This is the space to dive in to what is needing attention, healing, fortifying, purifying, clearing, activating, alchemizing, actualizing. We will work with all that needs to be seen, felt, held, and honored to support your forward movement.

These circles fill quickly. Space is limited. Pre-Registration required to reserve a space.

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