Sacred Circle

New Moon Gemini.png
New Moon Gemini.png

Sacred Circle


Each new moon we gather in sacred circle, deepening in to our own wisdom with like-hearted women. Together we cultivate soulful sacred connections with the divine feminine within ourselves, our tribe, and in our daily lives.

Together we will:
~ Reflect on the wisdom offered up with the lunar and seasonal cycles
~ Unify in a global sisterhood meditation
~ Join in a sacred practice
~ Move through the shifts in our lives with group energy medicine
~ Call in a Goddess to guide us through the upcoming moon cycle

This circle is a safe, loving space where we are seen and heard in our truth, and where we expand the healer within. We create a sacred container for seeding transformation, amplifying our intentions, and filling our cups with the medicine of circle.

Sometimes we are cosmically called in to radical transformation, and sometimes we need to soften in to a space where we are held in the loving power of sisterhood… any expression of your divine self is honored here.

This sacred circle is held Jessica's home in South Asheville. Email will be sent with detailed information after registration


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