Spring 2019 Retreat.png

please honor the integrity of this sacred container by fully reading & completing all 6 steps

I look forward to being in sacred space with you very soon!

Step 1:

Read the Retreat Guide

Invitations & shared understandings to support a deepening for our sacred time
This is the same foundational info for all retreats - review if you have not read it before.


Step 2:

Review Packing List

There are a few **necessary** items to pack: a towel for our visit to the hot springs, a mug, a sacred item to co-create our space, etc... please review!


Step 3:

PRINT arrival info

Address ~ Directions ~ Arrival Time ~ Contact info

Driving on to the property can be a challenge, so please be sure to read & print. Internet/GPS will cut off in the mountains, making the info inaccessible.

Step 4:

Digitally Sign Waiver

Thank you for entering in to this agreement to ensure a safe & deep journey for us all

Step 5:

Review our Menu *Optional*

If you have any specific dietary preferences, sensitivities, or allergies, please review this menu to get a feel for our nourishment for the weekend.
This menu was planned based on any dietary needs noted in the registration form.

If there are any additional dietary needs, sensitivities, etc. or if you are not feeling that you will be nourished by what is served, **please feel free to bring your own food** to supplement.
Any food you bring will need to be already prepared, as the kitchen space/supplies will be limited. You are welcome to use the refrigerator.

Please feel free to ask any questions around this or anything!

If you are looking to re-create some of the meals,
or are curious as to the full ingredients,
check out the full recipes here.

Step 6:

Bask in the amazing radiance of your own existence, because you are an incredible human for balancing the sacred with the mundane ;) Thank you!

~ and ~

Take a deep breath in to the knowing that you are held and loved! Please let me know if there is anything else that would support you in preparations for our retreat