Fall retreat.png

please be sure to read & complete all 5 steps

I look forward to being in sacred space with you very soon!

Step 1:

Read the Retreat Guide

Invitations & shared understandings to support a deepening for our sacred time
(has changed since last retreat, so please re-read even if you have previously)

click here


Step 2:

Review Packing Suggestions & Flow of our Weekend

Step 3:

PRINT arrival info

Driving on to the property can be a challenge, so please be sure to read & print. Internet/GPS will likely cut off in the mountains, making the info inaccessible.

Step 4:

Digitally Sign Waiver

Thank you for entering in to this agreement to ensure a safe & deep journey for us all

Step 5:

Bask in the amazing radiance of your own existence, because you are an incredible human for balancing the sacred with the mundane ;) Thank you!

~ and ~
Take a deep breath in to the knowing that you are held and loved! Please let me know if there is anything else that would support you in preparations for our retreat!