Sister, I believe that you have everything you need within you. You are the source of everything… within you and within your experiences. I also believe and know to be true that this life is truly a journey… A journey of forgetting, re-membering, healing, expanding, growing through challenge, learning, forgetting, and re-membering again.

Support on this journey is necessary for us all to really thrive and walk forward with ease. We can receive this support through sacred community, sister reflections, connection, healing work, and diving deep into our inner world. This is where I can be of service…

  • To dive deep into the inner worlds and alchemize what comes forth.

  • To bring clarity in times of ‘seeking’ or uncertainty on the path ahead.

  • To hold a space of healing for all that is keeping you from harmony within yourself.

  • To offer support in the expansion of your Soul Work in the world.

  • To re-balance and tend to all layers of our being: mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

  • To help navigate through moments of challenge on the spiritual path, returning you to your own inner compass and true north.

In essence… I am here as sister, guide, mentor, see-er, helper, energy medicine practitioner, sacred space holder, creatrix of ceremony, and sometimes even just as cosmic cheerleader reminding you of your infinite greatness! We come together in sacred space on the level of the soul… We will work deep into the nervous system & subtle body memory, while integrating the energy into the physical body for lasting and transformative experiences.

The work that I have done with Jessica has quite literally changed my life. There isn’t a rating high enough to give for the love and conscious creation that she puts into all of the work she does! I have attended most of the circles she led in the past year and a half and all of her retreats and I can’t wait to see what unfolds for the future!!
— Tamara Ann Watts Wilson (Earth Priestess, Intuitive, Writer)


A deep dive to amplify your journey…

Private Soul Mentorship


12 weeks of dedicated devotion to serve exactly what your path is calling for

Amplified Energy Medicine for those on a Healing Journey
Clarity & Guidance on the Journey of stepping in to your Soul Purpose
Divine Connection to expand your relationship with Spirit & Guides
Alignment & Support for birthing your own Circle, Retreat, or Offerings

  • A 60 minute Creation Session to establish the plan for YOUR Soul Mentorship

  • Three 90 min. Inner Alchemy Sessions ~ Deep Dives, Soul Journey, & Shadow Alchemy

  • Three 30 min. Clarity Sessions ~ In the moment support when you need it most

  • Daily Practices, Customized Rituals, and Tools unique to you

  • Email support ~ unlimited for any Q & A

  • A custom ceremonially crafted Energy Alchemy elixir for plant & stone medicine support

  • Me, You, and ALL Divine Support in devotion just to you for 12 full weeks

I only work with 2-3 womxn in this capacity at a time, to maintain a depth of energetic presence. To anchor your YES… submit your exchange through this button. I will send you a welcome email, and we will begin crafting your unique Soul Mentorship.

All Soul Mentorship
spaces are currently filled…

Next available start date will be November 2019. If you are feeling a YES for your own Soul Mentorship in November 2019 or after… place your deposit now below. You will receive a welcome email within one week after your registration is submitted.


Soul Mentorship

Energy Exchange:
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Jessica is able to hold extraordinary space for others with an uncanny ability to be “tapped in” to what Spirit wants to move through her. If you want to experience a true ally who will hold you in unconditional love, and empower you to reach your brightest light through embracing your darkness, Jessica is the one for you!
— Ionsul Ferrin (Soul Mission Mentoring, Transformation Coach)


potent inner alchemy & Transcendental healing

Soul Journey Breathwork

  • Sacred Ceremonial space crafted just for you

  • Journey with soul-level experiential energy medicine & breathwork

  • Receive guidance, healing, and support from the seen and unseen

  • Expand your relationship with yourself as Healer, Healed, and Whole

  • Attune to the frequency of your deepest yes

  • Clear out anything keeping you from feeling free, wild, limitless, expansive, & true

  • Re-Presence into & Re-Member the infinite inner wellspring of Wisdom

  • Customized Playlist unique to your energy and intentions

The Breathwork system we use takes us on a journey through the consciousness accessed by the breath. This Breathwork supports a deep REmembering of who we really are. Through this shifted state and increased awareness, we can experience wholeness, crystal clarity, deeply therapeutic transformation, rapid healing, personal empowerment, and boundless self-exploration. This is not similar to breathing techniques used in yoga or meditation that bring upon calm and relax the mind. This is an activated state that shifts the brain chemistry to "get the mind out of the way" and truly experience your infinite self. Connect with guides, ancestors, your inner medicine keeper, and clear insights that are soul-inspired, tangibly accessed, and deeply felt.

These in-person sessions are only available if we know one another, if we have circled together, or if you are referred by someone I know. If you are interested and we have not met, please send me a message so we can connect heart-to-heart prior to scheduling.


Soul Journey Breathwork

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Jessica has remarkable gifts, many of which she has shared with me during the past year. In our alchemy sessions she reads into my woundings and blockages perfectly, helping me to heal; during circle she creates true sacred space, allowing each of us to share our joys and struggles with no fear of judgment. Jessica is the very best at what she does.
— Ellen J. Perry (Author, Teacher, Women's Rights Activist)

Sliding scale Sessions:

Sliding Scale Energy Alchemy sessions and Clarity Calls are only available as a follow-up or *tune-up* if we are currently working together in some other capacity ~ Mentorships, Priestess Immersion, etc.


Energy Alchemy

Standard full session time is 90 minutes and held via phone in sacred space {energy medicine is still just as potent via distance in this way}.

Sliding scale: $100 ~ $143 per 90 minute session


Clarity Call

For those moments when something specific is on your heart and you are desiring laser-focused support, guidance, insight, or re-centering in to your own inner Wisdom.

Clarity Call session time is 30 minutes and held via phone in sacred space {energy medicine is still just as potent via distance in this way}.

Sliding scale: $43 ~ $60 per 30 minute session


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Connect in person for sacred circle gatherings