Diane Spotz

The week-end was an absolute joy and sooo inspiring to take my journey further. I felt such a huge shift in April that put me on a new path that has continued on. Each gathering brings something new and having new members always adds to this. The interesting thing for me is how comfortable I feel among woman that could be my daughters and I honestly do not feel a difference among us. We all are on this Journey where we all want to grow and expand our spiritual selves and the oneness because of that is what we feel. Age really has no effect. The Fire Ceremony was pivotal in true free expression of us all, I felt a lot of freeing up and opening of bodies to the light! I was quite amazed that I was comfortable just watching amazing woman bear their souls without self judgement that I too should be out there doing it! For once their was actually no judgement of me, just letting it all BE. Jessica, retreat is such a valuable haven in this very Painful, Hateful, but Beautiful World and having a space in Nature were a few very Beautiful Sisters can gather and bleed their inner most feelings with no judgement and be loved in return is by far an unbelievable Gift! There is really nothing I would change, Retreat with Sisters is such a remarkable event on the road to learning who you are and what you want to bring to the world. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for ALL that you did…
~ Diane Spotz

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T. A.

The retreat was more than I expected it to be. I anticipated a caring facilitator and the opportunity for some deep alchemy, but I did not foresee the depths of the transformation that was possible over just a couple of days. What also surprised me was the group’s ability to connect on such deep, deep levels with one another in such a short time. Being so new to the area, I also went into the weekend telling myself to try to make one friend while I was there. Instead I came back with a whole family of new sisters. Jessica is an amazingly capable, caring, and intuitive facilitator that creates a safe space for all to be as authentic as they can be. She is piquant, down-to-earth, relatable, and overall just super-super awesome.

~ T.A.

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Lily Kane

I really had no idea what to expect out of the retreat but I read about it and felt a huge YES in me that I had to trust. From the first exchange I had with Jessica I knew that I was held and supported and that it was the right place for me. I was comfortable, the food was AMAZING, I felt such power within myself and the other women and I felt like each experience within our circle was nourishing me in a deep deep way. I felt so held and loved in the presence of the group that the self-conscious nature of speaking and sharing myself that I often get wasn't present.

~ Lily Kane

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Nashari W.

This retreat was HUGE and moved us in a way that the mind and our limited words can't begin to fully grasp or even explain… is a feeling deep inside of being part of a magnificent raw loving divine effort by us all to lift together. In less than 48 hours we collectively made magic and planted seeds that will continue giving and nurturing. We are changed forever...THANK YOU for ALL of it divine SISTERS...Yesss YES!!

~ Nashari W.

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The connection among women was magical! Going in, I didn't know what to expect or even exactly what I desired or needed, I just knew I had to be there. I was definitely a hell yes to a rest from being a mother, wife, employee and everything else to just be in sisterhood. My higher self and healing process were met in so many ways--through the peacefulness and beautiful simplicity of the space, through the open hearts of the sisters who showed up, in the graceful and loving facilitation of Jessica. The whole experience was so far outside of my comfort zone and yet, as everyone began to arrive I felt strongly I was exactly where I needed to be and everything was destined to flow.

~ Tamara

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Life changing! I feel that the retreat went BEYOND my desires/needs. It was all valuable in so many perspectives. I feel so much more confidence, power, and wisdom! I feel more grounded and my roots are digging deep! I'm a different woman than I was before this retreat. Thank you for helping me see that I do have all I need inside me to succeed. I love you so much for that and all that you do help us all! You and your team have helped to light the pathway to my true self! Thank you!

~ Jamie

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Chelsey Moise

Being in a retreat lead by Jessica is a true spiritual experience. She held each of us in our own personal container while holding the entire retreat in its own container, too. I have never felt so safe and loved in a group of women - and I've been to five retreats in the past year. If you are wanting to experience true acceptance & healing alchemy on a deep level, I definitely would encourage you to join one of Jessica's retreats!

~ Chelsey Moise

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A. Rhodes

GET READY FOR PURE UNADULTerated ABSOLUTE MAGIC!!! I can honesty say this was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Shadow diving was intense for me and by far one of the most emotionally releasing experiences I have ever been through. I have been told by almost everyone around me I came out of the retreat and have changed in such a positive way. - I’m calmer – Kinder - More patient -My energy still feels how I felt when I was held in that sacred space created and my soul is smiling at the new light of positivity I see through. I’ve let it go, all of it, I don’t need the boxes, I have none left to hide in, I shine.

~ A. Rhodes

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Feedback & Expectations

Hey sister! If you are reading this, I want to share gratitude for the time you took to check out the feedback from some of our past retreat sisters! Since every single experience in circle is and will be vastly different, I just wanted to share a reminder that the energy WE bring in with our intentions in to any sacred experience is most important. So as you read these shares, allow them to settle in to a place of possibility and feel the energy that we create in this space… without allowing any expectation to form. This is a space to really allow any ‘goals’ & expectations to fall away and just allow yourself to be immersed in the magic of open-heartedness & receive the deep alchemy as it reveals itself in our time together… without any attachment to what that may look like. Hope you choose to join us, sister! I trust that you know if you are meant to be with us!

~ Jessica Ricchetti

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