The wisdom is within you.
The alchemy is within you.
The medicine is within you.
I am simply here to help you remember, reconnect with, reclaim, and embody your own medicine... your own magic.

Together, we will weave a web of energy medicine, sacred ritual, lunar wisdom, kundalini reiki, shadow alchemy, intuitive coaching, & spiritual mentorship.


Energy Alchemy

Energy medicine session with a blend of intuitively chosen healing modalities personalized to your present moment experience, intentions, and desired outcomes. This session may include any mix of: chakra balancing, kundalini reiki, shadow alchemy, intuitive healing, spiritual mentorship; and we may work with stones/crystals, plants/elements, lunar/seasonal wisdom, ancestral guidance, oracle tools, animal totems, and/or any other energetic that wants to show up for our time together.  While this is typically an intuitive flow, we can certainly integrate any requested tool/modality.

Energy Alchemy is especially supportive during transitional moments in life (career/home/relationship/spiritual expansion/path shifts), and as energetic hygiene to maintain desired alignment in life. In our time together, we (re)balance the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies. We penetrate deep into the nervous system & subtle body memory, while integrating the energy into the physical body for lasting and transformative healing.

These sessions are approximately 90 minutes & are held via phone (just as potent as in person). I will be in a sacred space crafted just for our time together.
After the session, you receive a detailed write up of our time together and the energetics that came through.

Energetic Exchange $108 ~ schedule at bottom of page

Kundalini Reiki

My personal favorite style of Reiki to both receive and offer. This technique combines all the benefits of traditional Reiki with the addition of an unparalleled potent yet gentle Kundalini awakening & activation. Reiki performed in this specific modality is a way to easefully integrate Kundalini into the body. Those who have had traumatic or undesirable experiences with Kundalini energy in the past, those who have not directly worked much with their Kundalini, and those feeling less than desired results with other Kundalini practices benefit particularly well from Kundalini Reiki. Kundalini Reiki balances all energy channels, preparing your body temple to easefully activate, integrate, and connect with the power of your Kundalini energy on an ongoing basis.

Sessions are 60 minutes & are done via distance with phone or messaging support available before and after.

Energetic Exchange $65 ~ schedule at bottom of page

Intuitive Coaching

Whether you are wanting to deepen in to your own intuition, spiritual practice, & connection with higher self... or if you are seeking clarity and would like some intuitive guidance, let's connect.

Some of the areas of focus in my recent work with women:
Deepen in to translating and embodying your intuitive knowings
Develop a stronger, more easeful connection with your guides
Creating sacred space that serves as a mirror for deep reflection & transformation
Diving in to areas of shadow for potent healing and expansion
Identifying and re-writing stories that have created perceived limitations and "blocks"
Using fears as a way to ignite the intuition and liberate your voice
Redefining spiritual practice to make it more present in your life
Crafting personalized rituals

Sessions are 60 minutes and are held over the phone

Energetic Exchange $80 ~ schedule at bottom of page

In person sacred gatherings

Each new moon we gather in sacred ceremony... deepening in communion with the wisdom within, coming home to the deepest layers of self, and unveiling the heart's true essence. Will you join us, sister?


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