The wisdom is within you.

The alchemy is within you.

The medicine is within you.

I am simply here to help you remember, reconnect with, reclaim, and embody your own medicine... your own magic.

Together, we will weave a web of energy medicine, sacred ceremony/ritual, inner alchemy, intuitive insight, spiritual mentorship, & wild woman’s wisdom ~ the path of Earth, Sky, and the Soul.


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Sister, I believe that you have everything you need within you. You are the source of everything… within you and within your experiences. I also believe and know to be true that this life is truly a journey… A journey of forgetting, re-membering, healing, expanding, growing through challenge, learning, forgetting, and re-membering again.

Support on this journey is necessary for us all to really thrive and walk forward with ease. We can receive this support through sacred community, sister reflections, connection, healing work, and diving deep into our inner world. This is where I can be of service…

  • To dive deep into the inner worlds and alchemize what comes forth.

  • To bring clarity in times of ‘seeking’ or uncertainty on the path ahead.

  • To hold a space of healing for all that is keeping you from harmony within yourself.

  • To offer support in transitional moments in life.

  • To re-balance and tend to all layers of our being: mental, physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.

  • To help navigate through moments of challenge on the spiritual path, returning you to your own inner compass and true north. Perhaps even honing down on what that feels like for you.

In essence… I am here as sister, guide, mentor, see-er, helper, energy medicine practitioner, sacred space holder, creatrix of ceremony, and sometimes even just as cosmic cheerleader reminding you of your infinite greatness!

Whether our session is mostly talking/coaching/guidance, diving deep into energy medicine, or gently offering distance healing… we come together in sacred space on the level of the soul. We penetrate deep into the nervous system & subtle body memory, while integrating the energy into the physical body for lasting and transformative healing.

Sliding scale: $100 ~ $143 per 90 minute session

Standard session time is approximately 90 minutes and held via phone in sacred space {energy medicine is still just as potent via distance in this way}.


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