Alli Marshall

Alli Marshall ~ Author, Poet, Spoken-Word Artist

"I feel so fortunate to have found my way to Jessica’s sacred moon circles and intuitive coaching. While both experiences have challenged me and required me to dive deep and do the difficult work, Jessica creates a supportive space in which that kind of transformation can occur. She is a channel of the divine feminine energy that so many of us feel called to and desire to fully experience and express in our lives. Jessica has been, for me, a conduit of personal change, insight, and authentic love."

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Randi Janelle

Randi Janelle ~ Channel, Author, Poet, Yogi

"Jessica holds quite a sacred space indeed. She is honest, kind, and powerful, not only as a facilitator, but as a channel and wise woman for the guidance that is ready for us in circle. She has many tools and modalities at hand, and she modifies guidance with ease to suit our individual needs. I appreciated that Jessica does not tip the scale too far to the yin/feminine but invites us to connect to these healing energies amongst the yang/masculine within us and the world. It's about magic, restoration, and practical action...all the elements that fuel me and the circle! I highly recommend you attend if you are seeking this in your life and in the world."

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Ellen Perry

Ellen J. Perry ~ Author, Teacher, Women's Rights Activist

"Jessica has remarkable gifts, many of which she has shared with me during the past year. In our alchemy sessions she reads into my woundings and blockages perfectly, helping me to heal; during circle she creates true sacred space, allowing each of us to share our joys and struggles with no fear of judgment. Jessica is the very best at what she does. I am grateful to call her my priestess and friend."

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Ionsul Ferrin

Ionsul Ferrin ~ Authenticity and Transformation Coach

"Jessica's specialty is aligning to your particular needs for healing and empowerment. Her Women’s Circles and Retreats, and Love Alchemy Coaching are unique offerings that express her wise, present, and authentic heart of service. Jessica is able to hold extraordinary space for others with an uncanny ability to be “tapped in” to what Spirit wants to move through her. If you want to experience a true ally who will hold you in unconditional love, and empower you to reach your brightest light through embracing your darkness, Jessica is the one for you!"

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