Women's Alchemy Circles

in support on your path of remembering wholeness, embodying your own unique wisdom, and walking a life in reverence to both our human-ness & our infinite divinity.

Gather with us, sister... in the timelessness of sacred space as we commune with our own innate wisdom in this circle of like-hearted women. While we receive insights and nudges from the lunar & seasonal cycles, archetypes, and the energies that arise to support our alchemical time together... we illuminate deeper layers of our being & our experiences. Together we dive in to our inner worlds, reflect on what is ready to be purified & fall away, allow our soul's truth to rise forth, and anchor into the vibration of our YES. This is a space for aligning with our own unique brilliance, cultivating easeful connections with the divine within, and remembering that we are infinitely supported both in the seen and the unseen. We create a sacred container for nourishing our hearts with the heart of circle and receiving energy medicine to support the ever-unfoldment of our journeys.

We also celebrate our humanity here. Our not-alone-ness. We show up in the divine perfection of who we are in every single moment, knowing that the path we walk is not a linear one. We ebb, we flow, we spiral, we get real, we are real. We dive in to truth, raw vulnerability, challenge, shadow, and healing. We also dive in to how infinite, boundless, expansive, juicy, and seriously magical we are. Sometimes we are cosmically called in to radical transformation, and sometimes we need to soften in to a space where we are held in the loving power of sisterhood… any expression of your divine self is honored here sister.

New Moon

The new moon is a time of heightened intuition, thinned veils, deepened inner reflection, seeding transformation, honoring endings, and welcoming new beginnings. It is the time where we tune in to deeply listen to that which wants to be woven in to our way of being. In this sacred women's community, we witness the divine feminine in all of her facets and forms to receive her good medicine... through the hearts of our sisters. We get to see more deeply. With that, we strengthen our ability to hold ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, and the collective. We gather at this time in the liminal space before a new lunar cycle to sync with the rhythms of grandmother moon... to open to the purification & re-fortification of this time as we prepare to walk through the energetic doorway of the new moon and consciously craft our new beginnings. We gather in sisterhood at the new moon, as women have done in moon lodge ceremony since 800 CE (recorded date, & much longer I am sure).

- Commune in sacred women's ceremony
- Reflect with the wisdom of the lunar & seasonal cycles
- Unify in a global sisterhood guided heart meditation
- Rebalance with singing bowls and gentle energy medicine
- Receive guidance, healing, and support from the infinite
- Enliven Wisdom, Compassion, Harmony, Healing, Balance, Oneness
- Connect with a community of deeply authentic & loving women
- Align with the essence of a Goddess/archetype in circle
- Step away with practices to support you through the next moon cycle
- Space is limited for these new moon circles
- Held in sacred space in South Asheville


Full Moon

The full moon offers us the ability & invitation to see with the fullest light of truth. We feel a readiness, a completion, a fullness, a release (real-ease). This is a time where we feel supported by the moon to pour it all out and create space for something greater. We gather in this space to let. it. all. go. This smaller group allows for the big inner alchemy... similar to a one-on-one deep healing session, while being held in an intimate ceremonial container and circle of sisters. This is the space to dive in to what is needing attention, healing, fortifying, purifying, clearing. We will work with all that needs to be seen, felt, held, and honored to support your forward movement.

- Step into the sacred alchemy of ceremonial space
- Journey with soul-level experiential energy medicine & breathwork
- Receive guidance, healing, and support from the seen and unseen
- Re-Presence into & Re-Member the infinite inner wellspring
- Amplify your relationship with your own self as healer, healed, and whole
- Attune to the frequency of your deepest yes
- Clear out anything keeping you from feeling free, wild, limitless, expansive, & true
- Space is limited to 7 for these full moon circles
- Held in sacred space in South Asheville


January’s Full Moon Circle info coming soon




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If you're not sure if you are feeling aligned with new moon or full moon... try both! They will be completely different experiences, both meeting you exactly where you are and giving you the medicine that you need in the moment.

All circles in this space are non-denominational and inclusive. No previous “experience” or “work” necessary. Join us as you are!

Events are open to all sisters… not just cis-ters. This is a space of inclusivity and loving kindness, not loving blindness. Welcome are all of our LGBTQ/GSM/DSG/GNC sisters. I am intentionally leaving out terms related to female-identified or femme, because I know that in essence those can also be exclusive. If this is the place you are called to be, come be! You will be welcomed with an open heart.


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New and Full moon circles are held in sacred space in South Asheville unless specified otherwise.

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